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1. Mizuno Womens RH TAVA Woods Set
2. Nancy Lopez Golf Albany 250 St

1. Mizuno Womens RH TAVA Woods Set
by Mizuno

Asin: B0000AUZCR
Catlog: Sports
Manufacturer: Mizuno
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Mizuno TAVA Woods...Technology For Women!

Mizuno's innovative new TAVA clubs revolutionize the set makeup in women's golf. Extensive research by Mizuno's R&D Team determined that the traditional set makeup for women did not translate into clearly distinguishable distance differences from club to club. That is why Mizuno developed TAVA, a unique set that includes an oversized women-specific, titanium driver, complementary steel three and five woods, and a unique utility club seven. Never has a women's specific golf technology made golf easier and more enjoyable than Mizuno's TAVA woods.

Mizuno Womens TAVA Woods feature:

  • Oversized titanium driver head for confidence at address and outstanding distance off the tee
  • Fairway woods manufactured from steel for great feel and long lasting durability
  • Optimum wide body club head design
  • Utility club seven delivers seamless transition from woods to irons
  • Golf Pride Women's Sofftie grip
  • Set includes: Driver: 13°, #3 Wood: 20°, #5 Wood: 23°, #7 Wood: 25° ... Read more


    • Available in right hand only

  • 2. Nancy Lopez Golf Albany 250 St Ti Driver-3-5 Woods
    by Nancy Lopez Golf

    Asin: B0007ZNMOE
    Catlog: Sports
    Manufacturer: Nancy Lopez Golf
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

    Nancy Lopez Golf has created an outstanding set of woods with the Albany Series 250 ST. This set includes three woods--the Ti Driver, three, and five woods. Albany woods use Hypersteel to create higher strength and more elasticity in the heads than stainless steel, resulting in greater face deflection for increased distance. Hypersteel is a metal alloy that is stronger than regular stainless steel and provides maximum energy transfer. By design, these clubs are offset, allowing the hands to stay ahead of the ball at impact. This helps diminish every golfer's nightmare: the dreaded slice.

    Golf legend Nancy Lopez
    Loft and lie angles have been balanced with the offset features to perfectly match your needs for maximum distance and control. The Albany woods will help you hit longer and straighter off the fairway, helping you stay on track for the green and out of the hazards.

    About Graphite Shafts
    Greater flexibility at the tip of the Extra Kick graphite shaft allows the clubhead to generate additional kick at impact, thereby producing greater distance. This also results in more solid shots and greater energy transfer at impact. All the woods feature these sturdy, yet flexible shafts, so you can count on your Albany woods swing after swing, club after club.

    About the Grips
    Unique grips by Winn feature the exclusive, high-tech, Elastom ETM, which provides superior feel. The grip texture and high-quality materials produce lasting comfort and absorb a remarkable amount of vibration. The grips are highly moisture resistant and anti-slip.

    What's in the Box?
    Nancy Lopez Albany Series 250 ST woods set featuring three woods (Ti Driver, 3, and 5 woods), three matching head covers

    ... Read more


    • Unique Winn grip features high-tech Elastom ETM
    • Includes three woods designed for long fairway shots
    • Hypersteel improves club strength and elasticity for increased distance
    • Loft and lie angles balanced with offset features for maximum distance and control
    • Extra Kick graphite shaft on all irons provides greater distance

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